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"3D Dynamic Photography is a popular way to create a keepsake and loving memories of your favourite pets. It is amazing to be able to see your precious possessions in LIVE vivid color against a lighted LED backdrop in interactive 3Ds sensations. You can literally ‘’SEE, FEEL & TOUCH“ your pets in reality. Put in a micro recorder inside the mounted artistic frame, you can hear them greeting you with their voices, barking and meowing for your affection. Hang this creative piece of art in your living room or just placed it at your bedside, it becomes the conversational piece with pride. The real feel n sight of a 3_D effect cannot be seen from a 2D screen on your mobile or PC. We invite Our prospective clients to drop in at our photo studio at Marina Square #B1-12 to feel see and touch the Actual 3D portraits. Visit us and be rewarded with a souvenir gift worth $6. For our website you can head to www.instant3d.pet"

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